If you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease, then it is recommended that you have a word with your doctor before you start doing any treadmill exercises. For heart patients, the opinion is likely to vary depending on the existing health condition.

However, if you are in the initial stages of heart disease, and if your doctor says it’s okay to run or jog, then you can confirm with the medical practitioner and exercise in moderation. Remember not to overdo it and always consult your doctor before you get started.

How Can Treadmill Exercises For Heart Patients Be Beneficial?


• Most heart diseases are connected to obesity, hence working out on a treadmill lets you lose weight, gradually. However, it is recommended that you buy a treadmill that monitors your heart rate.

• All exercises help the mind and body to de-stress, and it’s no secret that stress is a major contributing factor, that may lead to or aggravate heart diseases. So exercising regularly, but in moderation can help you stay healthier.

• Treadmill Exercises help keep the body moving during unpleasant weather conditions. Most people simply stop exercising during the winter or rainy season, which can further deteriorate the heart health. Moreover, Experts recommend that heart patients must avoid exercising in extreme temperatures as that interferes with blood circulation.

Treadmill Exercises for heart patients

• The best part about exercising on a treadmill is that, if you are a heart patient and your doctor has permitted you to go walking or jogging, then you would be doing that within the safety of your own home. So if you feel tired, you can easily take a break without much of a worry. Also, in case of any serious discomfort, you can seek help immediately.

• It is critical that heart patients remain adequately hydrated and safe while exercising. So, treadmill exercises for heart patients are the best option. More so, because these can be done within four walls of the home. So you can drink water, avoid walking back home while short on breath and stay safe.

• Heart patients must always try to avoid isometric exercises, which tense the muscles way too much. If you aren’t sure of what isometric exercises are then, that’s okay. These are exercises like push-ups, which are usually done against hard surfaces. So, treadmill exercises for heart patients is not a good option.

If at any point of time you feel short of breath or sense palpitation, then do not continue the treadmill exercises. For heart patients, it is very important to start at a very low pace and build up slowly. However, despite this, there could be instances when you may feel shortness of breath and palpitation. In those cases, make a quick call and avoid walking, jogging or any other form of exercise, instead seek medical help to the earliest

Exercises Other Than Treadmill Exercises For Heart Patients


Treadmill Exercises for Heart Patients isn’t the only way to stay healthy. So if you are looking out for alternatives, then check out the below-listed Exercises. We have put together a handful of useful exercises, other than Treadmill Exercises for Heart Patients. But before you choose one or more of them, make it a point to confirm the same with your doctor. Also, take the necessary precautions that we’ve mentioned below, and avoid doing them all by yourself. Try to have company, as much as you can.

Walking Or Jogging

If you choose to go walking or light jogging, then make it a point to avoid doing it all by yourself. Instead, consider having someone accompanying you and always ensure that you have a mobile phone with you.

If you feel like you are shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness, gastric pains, numbness, sweat abnormally, then stop immediately. Don’t force yourself to walk or jog back to your home in that condition. Instead, ask your companion to get a cab, or call someone to pick you up. Also, make it a point to carry enough water and stay hydrated.

Meditation and Deep Breathing

Stress causes more damage than you can ever imagine and especially in the case of heart patients. So, we strongly recommend that you start and end your day with some meditation and deep breathing exercises. Do have a word with your medical practitioner about it. However, most of them would encourage you to follow this sort of lifestyle.


Exercises help you de-stress and also burn the excess fat, which is the culprit in most cases of heart diseases. Also, regular exercises help you sleep better, and it’s no secret that sleep helps repair the body, naturally. With that said, try to avoid greasy diet and keep a tab on your sodium intake. The high sodium levels in most packaged and processed foods are shocking, so try to avoid them as much as you can.

Instead, stick to eating more greens such as crunchy cucumbers, collards, tomatoes, etc… as most of the veggies are low in calories and rich in antioxidants. So, after a light jog on your treadmill, drink some lemonade and go for a bowl of healthy green salad.

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