The very idea of working out in a crowded gym isn’t all that appealing, which why most people prefer to work out at home. So, if you’ve been thinking about it and are the type that loves cycling, then all you need to get started is an exercise cycle, also known as stationary exercise bike.

A stationary exercise bike is a piece of cardiovascular exercise equipment that is widely used by fitness enthusiasts, across the globe. It is also considered to be ideal for elderly people, as it helps improve heart function, while also burning that excess body fat. It also helps in the toning and strengthening of the lower body muscles and helps de-stress.

The Various types of Exercise Cycles Or Stationary Exercise Bikes

There are majorly three types of stationary exercise bikes, and each varies slightly from the other. This minute difference is in terms of benefits and the purpose that it serves. So, let’s explore the three different types of exercise cycles.

Upright Stationary Exercise Bike

This type of stationary exercise bike is the closest to the regular bicycles that you see cyclists riding outdoors. The pedals are positioned almost directly under a bicycle-styled seat. The type of exercise cycle allows a wide variety of movements, which lets users cycle in a sitting, racing and several other positions. This enables users to exercise more muscles and get a great cardio workout.

Recumbent Stationary Exercise Bike

Recumbent exercise bikes provide higher comfort, and the biggest difference here is that the bicycle-styled seat is replaced with a large comfy seat, along with a backrest. Now, this makes recumbent exercise bikes, the perfect option for the elderly, those with limited mobility and back pain. That’s because its inherent design and structure puts a lesser strain on the lower back muscles and facilitates a more relaxed workout.

Dual-action Exercise Cycle or Exercise Bike

The dual-action exercise bikes are designed in such a way that they provide an intense workout not just for your legs but also your entire upper body. It comes with movable handlebars which you have to push back and forth as you pedal. Of all the three popular types of stationary exercise bikes, the dual-action exercise bike is the most innovative option. It is also quite distant in its design and functionality, as compared to the conventional outdoor bicycle.

Now that you know the various types of exercise cycles available, let us now explore some of the most functional and cost-effective stationary exercise bikes. So, here’s a list of the best stationary exercise bikes that provide you maximum value for your hard-earned money.

Marcy’s ME-709

Type – Recumbent Exercise Bike

With over five decades of manufacturing health and fitness equipment, Marcy needs no introduction. The ME-709 stationary exercise bike comes with impeccable design and has a strong steel frame that ensures maximum durability, enabling users to quickly mount and dismount during training. This exercise cycle features 8 adjustable magnetic resistance levels, providing a smooth and consistent cycling motion. The ME-709 comes with a soft cushioned, adjustable seat that is capable of accommodating users weighing up to 300 lbs, making it ideal for those with a few extra pounds on them.

Even the handles are padded, so you can be sure that you’d be quite comfortable on this stationary exercise bike. Further, it comes with adjustable foot straps for added comfort and to minimize the potential risk of feet injuries caused when your feet slip off the pedal. Despite its affordable price tag, the ME-709 comes with an LCD screen that provides users with useful statistics such as the number of calories burned, distance, time and current speed.

Marcy offers a 2-year warranty on the ME-709’s frame.

Body Rider BRF700

Type – Upright Stationary Exercise Bike

The Body Rider BRF700 comes with a solid frame, and although it weighs only 47.3 lbs, it can bear up to 250 lbs of weight. So if you weigh that much, there’s no reason to be afraid to try out this remarkably sturdy exercise cycle. While it does not come with a fancy state-of-the-art computer console and the types, it does have an LCD screen that displays vital information. This includes time, speed, distance, and calories burned, all of which are essential to track your progress.

This stationary exercise bike runs on a chain-drive mechanism and comes with a fan wheel, with resistance control. Also, the coolest thing about this exercise bike is that unlike most other fan bikes, it comes with a knob on the frame, which can be toggled easily. It comes with cushioned bicycle seat and handlebars which are completely adjustable, making it convenient to accommodate tall users.

Body Rider BRF700 comes with a 90-day warranty on all parts and a year-long warranty on the frame.

Yosuda Indoor Exercise Cycle

Type – Flywheel Exercise Cycle

The Yosuda indoor exercise cycle is a 55 mm heavy-duty steel stationary exercise bike with a fully adjustable padded seat. This exercise cycle can take up to 270 lbs of weight and its pedals come with an anti-skid cage, to ensure maximum safety and support while pedaling. It is also low on maintenance as it features a belt drive system and 35 lbs flywheel, which doesn’t really require much maintenance. Now that ensures a smoother and quieter cycling experience.

Also, it comes with the infinite adjustable friction resistance system and a control knob that lets users choose their desired training level. The LCD monitor does all the basic stuff and shows the same statistics as the other stationary exercise bikes mentioned above. Additionally, there is a water bottle holder, an iPad bracket and wheels that make this exercise equipment portable. So, this allows you to move the bike to any place of your choice, without much effort. The advanced car-grade paint on the frame’s surface and the pure wool-covered felt pad makes this exercise cycle water-proof and rust-resistant.

Yosuda offers a 30-day warranty on this one, and also a 6-month warranty on the parts.

Sunny’s Pro Exercise Cycle

This exercise cycle from Sunny Health and Fitness is a very basic, entry-level exercise equipment priced at $222.27. It comes with no added features and is specifically designed for endurance, spinning, and workout. However, it is one of the most preferred stationary exercise bikes as it offers a 40 lbs flywheel that enables smooth and consistent cycling. You can also increase or decrease the tension levels, by simply turning the resistance knob. Its other features include padded handlebars, fully adjustable seat, and a felt brake pad, which enables you to stop cycling instantly. The max weight that this exercise cycle can take is 275 lbs. So, if you weigh more, you can look up for other options on this list.

The Ancheer M6008 Stationary Exercise Bike

The Ancheer M6008 is a portable exercise cycle that can fit into even the most compact homes, without any difficulties. It comes with a strong steel frame and its heavy-duty crank definitely won’t let you down. It features a 49 lbs flywheel and runs on a belt drive system, to provide an enjoyable indoor cycling session.

The bike is entirely adjustable and you can customize almost everything from the HDI rubber handlebars, leather padded seat to the felt pad friction resistance system. With just a gentle push of the emergency brake, you can bring the bike to a stop. Also, its digital console keeps track of speed, calories burned, time and distance covered. This stationary exercise bike also comes with a phone bracket and a warranty period of 12 months, with free replacement of parts.

Exerpeutic Exerwork 2000i

The x-shaped Exerpeutic Exerwork 2000i is the most ideal stationary exercise bike for those who wish to workout, while also working remotely. It is one of the few recumbent stationary exercise bikes that have 24 magnetic resistance levels, unlike those mentioned earlier. This dual-purpose recumbent stationary exercise bike features a large and sturdy work desk. Despite its size, it can be easily adjusted up, down, forward and backward. In fact, with its robust built, it can easily hold objects weighing up to 44 lbs and comes with a storage drawer and armrest.

The 2000i’s digital console also displays critical information such as your heart-rate, resistance levels, and scan, besides other basic exercise statistics. However, it has no backlight, making it difficult to read the statistics in low light situations. This exercise cycle features 24 preset workout programs and runs on a V- belt drive system and a precision balanced flywheel.

The adjustable AirSoft seat is designed to accommodate those weighing up to 400 lbs and comes with an aerodynamic design for smooth weight distribution. The cushioned but thin backrest can be adjusted either forward or backward, according to your preference. The handlebars are ergonomically designed and come with Hand Pulse Sensors to track your heart rate. An additional feature that comes with this exercise cycle is Bluetooth Smart Technology. With a free app, it lets you to track your progress, set 3 goals and select from around 24 preset workout programs.

Vanswe Recumbent Stationary Exercise Bike

The Vanswe stationary exercise bike features a heavy-duty steel frame with a step-through design. It can hold a maximum weight of 380 lbs. This stationary exercise bike comes with double V- belt, lightweight flywheel, and 16 adjustable magnetic resistance levels. These 16 levels provide users with different difficulty levels to work on. The cushioned seat can be adjusted using a lever underneath it, but the backrest and the handlebars are non-adjustable.

However, the handlebars are equipped with pulse sensors to track your heart rate and display it on the LCD monitor. It also comes with Bluetooth, which lets you connect it to a free exercise app and track your performance. While there are no preset programs, with the ‘Set’ button, you can set goals for time, distance and calories.

ShareVgo SXB1000 Stationary Exercise Bike

The ShareVgo SXB1000 is a sturdy stationary exercise bike, made from steel. It comes with an x-shaped design and can hold users weighing up to 250 lbs. It offers 8 levels of magnetic resistance that can be controlled by a knob on the main frame’s tubing. The bike comes with two sets of handlebars equipped with pulse sensors, an adjustable large seat, and backrest.

You can sync it with the free ShareVgo fitness app, in order to access your exercise data. You can also share your results with others and compete with them. The app also comes with six goal-oriented workouts and six challenges. With the LCD display monitor, you can track BMI, heart rate and the number of calories burned. The coolest thing about the ShareVgo SXB1000 is its additional accessories, which are designed to keep you going. This includes a tablet holder to let you browse and a water bottle holder, to ensure you don’t have to stop midway for a sip.

Harison Pro B1850 Indoor Exercise Cycle

The Harison Pro B1850 features a 1.8 mm stainless steel frame that can hold up to 280 lbs. It runs on a silent belt drive mechanism that does not require regular lubrication and maintenance. This exercise cycle features a 29 lbs flywheel and an infinite friction resistance system. This can be adjusted using the tension knob on the main frame’s tubing. It comes with sensor-equipped handlebars that help track the heart rate, and also a plush leather padded seat.

The B1850 comes with a battery-powered digital console that helps track the progress of your workout. The LCD screen comes with the odometer and heart rate monitor, which is displayed on a non-backlit LCD screen. Other features include an extra seat cover, a tablet bracket, a water bottle holder and a free water bottle.

The Exerpeutic 1000 Exercise Cycle for the elderly

The Exerpeutic 1000 is a solid piece of exercise equipment with a step-through design. This enables users to easily mount and dismount from the exercise cycle. The steel frame is capable of handling users weighing up to 300 lbs, but the bike weighs only 63 lbs. It has a V-belt drive mechanism, a torque crank and precision-balanced flywheel, and eight adjustable magnetic resistance levels. So you can be sure that this exercise cycle is designed to give users a smooth and quiet experience.

This stationary exercise bike also features an oversized cushioned seat with a backrest. This provides a comfortable sitting posture for those aged above fifty. It also comes with two sets of handlebars, and the ones attached to the seat are equipped with pulse sensors. The large strap pedals prevent the foot from slipping and the extended leg stabilizers ensure movement control. It comes with an LCD display which shows all the essential exercise metrics, including heart rate. This stationary exercise bike comes with a 90-day warranty on its parts and three years of warranty on the frame.

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